You’ve Taught Your Kids To Never Get In A Car With Strangers, But Do They Listen?

One of the most terrifying things parents have to watch for is someone trying to kidnap their little ones.

From as early as I remember, my mom and dad drilled into my head that under no circumstances should I ever get into a car with a stranger. I followed that rule implicitly, and assumed that all other children did too — that is, until I saw the shocking truth for myself.

When YouTuber RobbyTv decided to test how well kids follow the stranger danger rule, he set up a social experiment with the help of some parents. A man would drive up to their teenage kids and ask them to get into his car to see how they would respond. Their reactions will make you question whether your children are actually safe.

This is so scary!

If I ever have kids, it will be my mission to make it perfectly clear how they should deal with people they don’t know. It’s way too dangerous out there.


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