When This Teen Cancer Patient Woke From A Coma, He Proposed To His Girlfriend

I’m just going to tell you before you even start reading…grab the tissue box.

Swift Myers is 18 years old. He’s also been battling cancer since he was in the seventh grade. He’s had his ups and downs, and his girlfriend of two years, Abbi has been there through many of those highs and lows.

But recently, Myers’s condition worsened and he was put in the ICU for a month. During that time, he was unconscious for 10 days. When he woke up, he knew one thing — he wanted Abbi to be his wife. Myers proposed as soon as the doctors at St. Francis Children’s Hospital removed his breathing tube.

Just two days later, the couple wed in what is sure to be the most emotional ceremony you’ll ever witness.

I warned you…tissues are a must.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think I’d bawl like a little girl today, but it happened. We’d like to wish the happy couple plenty of happiness and many years of love.


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