When The People Who Has Achromatopsia See Color For The First Time

Imagine that in a world full of color, you could only experience life in black and white.

Think of all the parts of your daily routine that would instantly become harder. Everything from clothes shopping to sorting your laundry into lights and darks would be challenging. For Jace and Jimmy Papenhausen, this upsetting fantasy was a harsh reality. The brothers spent their entire lives dealing with achromatopsia .

In an attempt to improve their sons’ quality of life, the boys’ parents purchased a pair of glasses from EnChroma, a company that specializes in creating devices for those suffering from achromatopsia . This technology gives people the opportunity to experience the world in its best light.

Watch as Jace and Jimmy try on the glasses for the first time!

Great innovation in the world which helping people who diagnosed with Achromatopsia. Let them see the colorful world is a great thing to do! Great job! Innovator

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