What Happens When She Puts Her Hand To Her Face Is So Cool

When we think of face painters, our brains fill with images of unicorns, balloons, and superheroes.

But South Korean artist Dain Yoon takes a darker, more artful approach to the craft by using her own face and body as canvases for illusions. Using body paint, acrylics, and makeup, she transforms into her most surreal self. By visually transposing her face and hands and painting herself into the world around her, Yoon creates an immersive experience for viewers, leaving a lasting impact that’s hard to shake.

Don’t believe me? You will when you check out these images and videos.

face painters 4 face painters 3 face painters 2 face painters 1











To see more about face art by Dain Yoon, be sure to visit her blog or Instagram.


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