Turn Cardboard Boxes Into These Kid-Friendly Crafts

Jul 16, 2016

My mother is the ultimate hoarder. She works part-time at a retail store and I swear, at least once a week, she brings home some empty cardboard boxes. Her excuse is that we might need them to store something in the future. (Spoiler alert: We never will.)

Cardboard can be used for more than just storing things, though.

In fact, it can be used for just about ANYTHING! These awesome parents took the old boxes collecting dust in their attics and transformed them into awesome playthings for their children. Check out these 20 crazy-awesome cardboard creations that are kiddo-friendly!

1. This playhouse is fit for a housewife.

Cardboard Boxes 20

Image credit: Charcoal and Crayons

2. Why would your little ones need a cellphone when they could have this retro rotary telephone?

Cardboard Boxes 2

Image credit: Ikat Bag

3. Be the queen of the castle!

Cardboard Boxes 3

Image credit: Kidsomania

4. This stylish purse can accessorize any outfit.

Cardboard Boxes 4

Image credit: Ikat Bag

5. Get on track with this train station.

Cardboard Boxes 5

Image credit: Celebrate Every Day With Me

6. Teach them to do their own laundry with this washing machine.

Cardboard Boxes 6

Image credit: Estéfi Machado

7. This is a palace built for a queen.

Cardboard Boxes 7

Image credit: Design Dazzle

8. They’re never too early for their first job at this grocery store.

Cardboard Boxes 8

Image credit: Ikat Bag

9. Make them a brand-new sports car.

Cardboard Boxes 9

Image credit: Childhood 101

10. Create a gas pump to keep that new sports car on the go.

Cardboard Boxes 10

Image credit: Cool Mom Picks

11. And teach them the rules of the road with this working stoplight!

Cardboard Boxes 11

Image credit: Ikat Bag

12. Let their imaginations soar with this airplane.

Cardboard Boxes 12

Image credit: Small Fry

13. This sink and stove will teach the kids how to cook and clean up after themselves.

Cardboard Boxes 13

Image credit: Para Niños y Niñas

14. No needles required to craft this cute sewing machine.

Cardboard Boxes 14

Image credit: Little Red Window

15. Lose your kids for hours in this crazy maze.

Cardboard Boxes 15

Image credit: Living Green With Baby

16. Going down?

Cardboard Boxes 16

Image credit: Repeat Crafter Me

17. Invite the neighborhood kids over for a showing at this drive-in theatre.

Cardboard Boxes 17

Image credit: The Party Wagon

18. Explore the great outdoors with this duct tape camper.

Cardboard Boxes 18

Image credit: The Merrythought

19. Ahoy, mates! Create your own pirate ship.

Cardboard Boxes 19

Image credit: Black Eiffel

20. Share secrets with all your friends in this backyard clubhouse.

Cardboard Boxes 20

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

This is a very good idea to interact with your kids. Instead of letting your kids holding ipad or iphone, why don’t you try to give your kids some cardboard boxes to release their creativity.


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