This Looks Like A Normal Table…But When Some Music Starts Playing

Considering that I have very few crafty bones in my body, I’m always super impressed with people like Instructables user bongodrummer.

Up until today, I had no idea that:

1. Coffee tables could be this cool…OR

2. That I could be completely jealous of a table’s musical talent.

If you’re confused, read on. You won’t be disappointed…

Here’s the finished product.Normal Table 1

It’s a pretty unique looking table, but it’s hiding an awesome secret…

Normal Table 2

But first, let’s start from the beginning. This was the huge log that bongodrummer had just hanging out in his field.

Normal Table 3

After getting rid of the bark, he sliced it in half and let it dry.

Normal Table 4

After it was fully dried out, he cut it again to reveal this beautiful cross section.

Normal Table 5

Unfortunately, the wood had split and warped during the drying process. To fix it, he embedded some aluminum scraps in the piece to even out the surface.

Normal Table 6

He filled the space between each piece of aluminum with resin…

Normal Table 7

And sanded it down so that the surface was flat. Looks pretty cool, too!

Normal Table 8

Then it was time to think about the legs — he used this old steel piece for one of them.

Normal Table 9

He chiseled out a space at the end of the table on a part where the wood had split. The leg would prevent further damage after it was in place.

Normal Table 10

It fits!

Normal Table 11

He added more resin to secure it in place and seal the split.

Normal Table 12

But what’s this…LED lights?

Normal Table 13

There are little LEDs all over the tabletop.

Normal Table 14

More resin sealed them in place.

Normal Table 15

This was the end result…

Normal Table 16

But check out what happens when he turns music on!

Awesome idea ever.


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