This Looks Like A Mini Piano But It’s So Much Cooler Than That

Jul 30, 2016

I’ve always believed that handmade presents are way better than store-bought gifts.

There’s something special about your friends and family taking the time to make something specifically for you. Reddit user PapoochCZ must agree, because he did exactly that.

When his friend’s birthday was coming up, he decided to give her something not only tailored to her love of music, but that would also serve a purpose other than collecting dust on her shelf. That’s when he came up with the brilliant idea of making a piano wine cooler!

First he spent a day drawing up the design.

Mini Piano 1

Then he meticulously carved out each piece from particleboard.

Mini Piano 2

Now it’s time to assemble the base.

Mini Piano 3

The pieces fit together perfectly.

Mini Piano 4

A planter would work well to hold the wine and ice.

Mini Piano

Then he used watercolors to paint a tiny keyboard.

Mini Piano 6

It’s so cute!

Mini Piano 7

All of the birthday girl’s friends signed the piano to make it even more special.

Mini Piano 8

Now it’s time to party!

Mini Piano 9


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