This Guy Photographs All the Angry Notes People Leave on Terribly Parked Cars

Not all drivers are lucky enough to get a nice note regarding their poor choices in parking.1516609_217871261884044_1508274828_n

One Englishman went on a mission to document the angry notes he stumbles across that are tucked on the windshields of parked cars. The Bristol-based writer, Daniel Mehmet, began taking photos of these angrily scrawled notes in 2012. He even started an Instagram account and wrote a blog post about these messages written often in haste and a rage of fury.


According to Mashable, the writer discovers these scraps of paper on cars in the Clifton and Redland areas of Bristol. Mehmet said:

“They have a good mix of students and wealthy homeowners, which provides the perfect combination of bad parking behaviour and good-mannered, righteous indignation.”


Mehmet wrote on his blog about his motivation to document such things:

“I’m a sucker for handwritten notes. Especially those of the passive-aggressive variety. All that rage and indelible ink. Pure communicative joy.”


He told Mashable:

“I love how sarcastic the note-leavers are. The vast majority start and end with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but sandwich some pretty colourful language between.”


“Second, being a writer, I love the awful spelling, punctuation and grammar. And third, coming from angry London to chilled-out Bristol, it was such a relief to discover all this lovely, lovely rage.”


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