This Father-Daughter Duo Just Took Pulling A Tooth Out To The Extreme!

Remember that feeling of anticipation as you waited for your baby teeth to fall out?

Some kids were more ruthless than others, trying a variety of unique removal techniques in hopes of ensuring that come morning, the tooth fairy would leave a monetary reward.

The most common method of pulling a tooth included tying some string to the loose tooth and attaching the string to a doorknob. Now I can’t speak from experience as to the success rate of such a method, but it sure did turn pulling a tooth into a theatrical event.

One father-daughter pairing have taken that traditional method of tooth extraction and turned it on its head…

Who knew that all you needed to lose a tooth was some dental floss, granola chunks…and a SQUIRREL?

Between her father’s roaring laughter and her priceless reaction to her bloodied tooth, I think it’s safe to say that the tooth fairy might just give her that extra five dollars she asked for!

This idea is very interesting. This father just gave his daughter a very cute childhood by extract the teeth by feeding the squirrel. If you want to try this idea on your kids, you have to aware of the oral hygiene of your kids.


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