This Dog Didn’t Want To Show His Face, And The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

I can’t even begin to imagine having a dog and then one day deciding that I just couldn’t care for it anymore.

That’s exactly what the owners of Oso, an eight-year-old chow mix, did just before Independence Day of 2016. His owners called the Downey Animal Care Center to come pick Oso up because they felt they could no longer deal with his medical conditions. The dog suffers from both alopecia and pyoderma, and is therefore left with some cosmetic abnormalities.

The rejection from his owners left Oso with very little confidence. The pooch spent weeks hiding in the corner, but now, he’s learning to open up to people again.

Oso is looking for a forever home. Remember, the love of an animal goes far beyond their physical appearance.

Big applause to the rescue team. They are the best and kind people in the world, save countless animals, cure them and take care of them. Thank you!


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