This Crafter Just Took Discarded Floorboards From Trash To Kitchen Treasure

Jun 24, 2016

As a kid, I was always confused when my mom — as moms are wont to do — told me she wanted the floors “so clean you could eat off of them” when it came time to do chores.

To my 10-year-old brain, that seemed like a really, really stupid thing to do, since kitchen tables are things and all. In fact, the dog didn’t even eat off the floor. I didn’t want to eat off the floor. That’s crazy, and I prided myself on not being crazy.

And I’m just going to go ahead and assume that these guys heard that once or twice from their moms as kids, because when they came across a pile of floorboards in a dumpster, they took the world’s sassiest approach to this classic demand. By essentially turning the floor into a kitchen table, they made mom’s cleaning dreams come true.

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credit: Imgur / 2times30

There are clearly some deep-seated issues at play here.

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