They Were Told To Give Up Their Dogs When They Got Pregnant — They Did This Instead

Feb 11, 2017

If you have a dog, I’m sure you’d agree that they aren’t just pets — they’re family.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t see it that way and believe it’s acceptable to give up their pets during significant life changes like moving or getting pregnant. Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa from Bangalore, India, were even criticized when they refused to give their five rescue dogs up while expecting a baby. Instead, they decided to include their pups in an adorable maternity photo shoot and explained in a Facebook post why they’ll never abandon them.

“Being in animal welfare, one of the most common reasons I hear for giving up a pet is ‘I’m pregnant.’ When I have tried to counsel these families, I get it thrown back in my face that since I don’t have children and haven’t experienced a pregnancy, I don’t get to have an opinion,” Madappa said.

When she did get pregnant, the couple’s friends, family members, and even doctors told them to get rid of their dogs. But Madappa says her furry companions are the reason she got through her difficult pregnancy.

“For the first six months, I was glued to my toilet, even hospitalized because I was throwing up blood. My pregnancy became a high-risk one for preterm delivery and I was restricted to the confines of my home,” she said.

“I cannot even begin to describe all the thoughts that went through my head but what I can tell you is this; not once did I think ‘hmmm my dogs have got to go.'”

“My dogs are the reason I got through my pregnancy with my sanity intact. The days I spent crying, I had the comforting weight of Diego’s head on my lap reassuring me things would be ok.”

“The nights I spent on the bathroom floor, Leo kept me company, gently pawing me now and then to see if I was okay. I lost a very special little girl along the way, Leela, who kept me smiling with her silly antics ’til the end. When I could finally fall asleep, I had Cujo resting at my feet,” she added.

Madappo also says that having a baby didn’t take away the love she felt for her dogs. In fact, she says they helped prepare her for taking care of her son, Ayan, who was born in December.

“I couldn’t ever in good conscience give away an animal that loves me and trusts me with the same innocence and purity that my baby does. I couldn’t abandon a family member to bring in another. I will not betray a life that depends on me as much as my son does. To all those people I will always say, NOT WITHOUT MY DOGS.”

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