These Kids Started Out With The Best Intentions, But Wound Up Failing Miserably

Nov 25, 2016

Growing up isn’t easy.

Being a kid involves a lot of trial and error. While kids may say and do some pretty cute and hilarious things, they can’t win ’em all. In most cases, kids start out with the greatest of intentions, but forces outside their control leave them disheartened as they fail miserably. And as much as we hate to admit it, most grown-ups find humor in their tiny misfortunes.

These 5 kids were certainly on their way to success, but ended up falling just a bit short. But hey, at least they looked cute doing it.

1. I promise you, he’s the next David Beckham…not.

I promise you, he's the next David Beckham...not.

2. The only thing that stuffed animal is filled with is pizza and birthday cake.


3. Little boy, that’s not your mother.


4. I don’t think that’s how chairs work.


5. You tried to beat the system, but failed miserably.

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