These 10 Strange Sculptures Found In And Around Buildings Are Seriously Unsettling

Sometimes, I only feel disturbed while looking at them.

Though some definitely creep me out, I have to admit that I’m also strangely fascinated with imagining the inspiration behind them. You really have to wonder what the people who built these spooky structures were thinking, because some are seriously twisted.

With that being said, you’re in for a treat If you’re as intrigued by this stuff as much as I am. Here are some of the most unsettling sculptures you can witness inside and outside of buildings.

1. The meaning of this sculpture is supposed to be teaching your children to fly, but it looks more like a poor kid that’s about to be murdered.


2. This structure found outside of a run-down shed is certainly spooky, but it’s oddly beautiful at the same time.


3. Someone must have been getting into the Halloween spirit when they left this lovely skeleton on a roof in St. Louis, Missouri.


4. These hands look like trapped souls trying to escape — what’s more disturbing is that this is right outside of a medical building.


5. If this was built to scare people off, then it’s working perfectly.


6. “My preciousss!”


7. “Look what I found, Ma!”


8. Those watchful eyes make me feel so uncomfortable.


9. Somehow, the snow makes this even creepier.


10. This doesn’t exactly make me want to go inside.


This might be unexpected coming from me, but I have one message for the people who sculpt these delightful terrors: keep ’em coming!

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