The Most Awesomely Efficient Paper Airplane Might Not Be An Airplane At All

Jun 30, 2016

Unless you’re an origami master, making the perfect paper airplane can be difficult.

Granted, there are very few situations in life that call for this specific skill. However, if you want to make agreat paper airplane, you can fold this creation — and it’s not even a plane.

Allegedly, this special design was created by record-holding paper airplane thrower John Collins. Whether that’s true or not, it’s simple and produces awesome results. All you need is one piece of paper!

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Photo credit: Instructables / offseid

Then, you can make the tube shape. Tuck the end of the paper into the main crease on the other side. Then, re-fold the piece you just unfolded, but towards the inside (to hold the tube in shape).

Skeptical? Wait ’til you see it in action.

Hahahaha…this odd paper airplane is just too funny for me. But this paper plane can fly faster than the normal one.

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