Thailand’s Most Beautiful Transgender in the world!! (Poyd Treechada)

Jul 14, 2015
[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]“Poyd” Miss Universe who is the hottest ladyboy in the world!!


“Poyd Treechada” was crowned Miss Tiffany 2004, and her beauty captivated the nation at the time. There had never been a transgender woman as fair as her!! 10 years later she remains one of the most idolized figures in the entertainment industry.


Poyd was a little boy in Phuket, she knew at 4 she was born to be a woman. She always put on a friend’s skirt and was beaten by her mother for it. Moreover, she was forced to play football and given typical toys for like robots, but in her closet, Poyd kept a Barbie doll, and it wasn’t long until she came out to her family.


Poyd decided to go through a sex-change operation at 18 and traveled to Pattaya to compete for Miss Tiffany 2004. She won. She then represented Thailand at the Miss International Contest in the same year and won that!!


After she won Miss Tiffany 2004 , became very famous and being named Thailand’s Most Beautiful Transgender is a badge of honour that Poyd Treechada wears proudly.

“I’m very proud of being recognised as a transgender beauty queen and actress,” she declared. “As a celebrity, I recognise the power I have in using my fame to spread the idea of acceptance. I feel no need to prove myself and would rather let my actions speak for themselves.” Said Poyd.


The 28 year old super start just signed a mega deal with a Hong Kong Model agency and is currently travelling forth and back from/to China for various International Labels.


She has landed meaty roles in movies such as Hong Kong’s White Storm, and has made special appearances at events, including a stop in Resorts World Sentosa for Through Eyes Of Us Thais, a travelling photo exhibition of Thailand’s hidden gems as seen through the lenses of budding Thai photographers.


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