Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Best Music Videos!!

Jul 14, 2015
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Taylor Swift is a seven-time GRAMMY winner, and the youngest recipient in history of the music industry’s highest honor, the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year!!


She is the only artist in history to have an album hit the 1 million first-week sales figure three times!!(2010’s Speak Now, 2012’s RED and 2014’s 1989). She’s a household name whose insanely catchy yet deeply personal self-penned songs transcend music genres, and a savvy businesswoman who has built a childhood dream into an empire…


Let’s check out our picks for Taylor Swift’s 10 best music videos so far!!

1. You Belong With Me
Swift has plenty of videos about young love, but she hit her apex both musically and visually with her crossover hit “You Belong With Me.”


2. Shake It Off
The stylish video features Swift donning plenty of GIF-able costumes, but it’s the sleek all-black number (paired with her signature red lips) that make the most memorable statement about the new chapter!!

3. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
The fun house party theme of upbeat pop pleasure “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” gets added coolness points for the overall video aesthetic: seemingly all one shot, with Swift running from scene to scene like a popup book. Bonus: Her band was decked out in furry animal costumes. Enough said.

4. Blank Space
Taylor Swift’s 1989 era ushered in higher-production videos and Swift is clearly having fun owning the genre. “Blank Space” contains gorgeous backdrops, pitch-perfect outfits, and Swift getting to show off a little crazy girl rage. More over this song was “Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & More Offer Up an ‘Insider’s Guide’”

5. Picture To Burn
Many of Swift’s early tunes center on the boys that make up her life: crushes, boyfriends, brothers. It’s such a treat, then, for her to give fans “Picture to Burn’s” relationship-ending barnburner.

6. Our Song
Back when Taylor Swift was a promising country up-and-comer, she unveiled one of her simplest, sweetest music videos with the “Our Song” visual, which posits the teenager as a blonde bombshell with a lot of flowing dresses and a glitter-encrusted guitar.

7. Mean
Taylor Swift Kicks Off 1989 Tour in Tokyo, Talks About Her Life-Changing Year!
“Mean” music video gives fans a good idea: the banjo jamboree is combined with vaudevillian antics and testimonials from the bullied and beaten-down, who eventually find the adult success they long for during adolescence.


8. Ours
The “Ours” video is necessarily understated and successfully empathetic; bonus points for pairing Swift with Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford, who steps in as Military Matt Saracen at the end.


9. I Knew You Were Trouble
Trouble” video represents the wasteland of the song’s failed romance, and Swift kicks off the gorgeously cinematic clip with a spoken-word intro expounding upon her despondence.

10. Everything Has Changed feat. Ed Sheeran
Sure, the concept of mini-Taylor and mini-Ed meeting-cute in grade school and becoming best friends is a bit cloying, but there are about 15 ‘awwww’-worthy instances within these four minutes. One of Red’s final videos only featured Sheeran and Swift for about 15 seconds, but the aw-shucks clip’s impact was for more than pint-sized.



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