Take The Stress Out Of Summer With These 20 Super-Simple Hacks

From sandy feet to scorchingly hot seatbelt clips, summer comes with a whole slew of tiny (but terrible) problems.

Traveling is hard enough as it is, especially if you have little ones, so why not learn a few tips and tricks that’ll make life so much less of a hassle? I don’t know about you, but vacations like beach outings and road trips are particularly maddening, so I know I’ll be using these 20 hacks that cover those bases and plenty more!

1. Pack face creams and foundation in contact cases to cut down on makeup bag bulkiness on vacation.

Super-Simple Hacks 20

2. Put your phone in a sandwich bag when you’re near the pool so it won’t get wet and you can still use it.

Super-Simple Hacks 19

3. Use one of these containers in the car as a mini, sealable trash can on road trips.

Super-Simple Hacks 18

4. Get summer-ready feet without a cracked heel in sight using a mixture of stuff you already have at home.

Super-Simple Hacks 17


5. No kid likes stepping on a metal sprinkler while they’re playing, so make one out of a bottle instead!

Super-Simple Hacks 16

6. Use a drink cozy to protect your hand from your scorching-hot gear shift.

Super-Simple Hacks 15

7. Buckle the seatbelt when you leave your car so it’s not insanely hot when you come back.

Super-Simple Hacks 14

8. Ditch hot coffee on summer mornings and make these iced coffee pops instead!

Super-Simple Hacks 13

9. Freeze aloe in your ice cube tray to soothe sunburn in a pinch.

Super-Simple Hacks 12

10. Soak a sponge, put it in a sandwich bag, freeze it, and use the packet as a non-drip icepack.

Super-Simple Hacks 10

11. Put foil and charcoal in terra cotta pots to make mini s’mores stations.

Super-Simple Hacks 9

12. Use a shower caddy to organize meals in the car on road trips.

Super-Simple Hacks 8

13. Make your own speakers out of cups and a toilet paper roll so there’s one less device you have to worry about while tailgating.

Super-Simple Hacks 7

14. Use a fitted sheet to keep sand off your hangout zone at the beach. Make it taut with your cooler, shoes, and beach bag!

Super-Simple Hacks 6


15. Use apple cider vinegar to reduce itching when mosquitoes come out to play.

Super-Simple Hacks 5

16. Repurpose old lotion bottles and turn them into water balloon pumps.

Super-Simple Hacks 4

17. Wrap your valuables up in a diaper at the beach to keep thieves at bay. Trust me. No one will touch your stuff.

Super-Simple Hacks 3

18. Bring baby powder to the beach to help get rid of wet sand on your feet before getting in the car.

Super-Simple Hacks 2

19. Poke straws through cupcake papers and pop them on top of glasses to keep bugs out of your drinks.

Super-Simple Hacks 1

20. Freeze lemon slices and pop a few into soda or water to keep drinks cool, refreshing, and lemony.

Super-Simple Hacks 11

Summer’s about to get so much simpler, am I right? Now start relaxing!


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