Sweet Pup Is Reunited With The Firefighter Who Saved Her

Oct 31, 2016

After experiencing intense moments of distress and discomfort, you can’t help but develop feelings of admiration toward those that helped get you out of a sticky situation.

When Chunkie and Mike Thawley were first introduced, the brave firefighter was rescuing the dog from some pretty unfriendly weather conditions. Chunkie had been tied up outside during a bad rainstorm with no owner in sight.

Mike took it upon himself


After being dropped off, the dog made it clear that she formed quite a bond with Mike, as she spent much of the night yearning to be reunited with her knight in firefighting gear. Luckily for Chunkie, her favorite fireman made a special visit the next day to check in on his new puppy pal.

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Watch as the pair are reunited after a long night apart.

Mike is now fostering Chunkie until she can find a permanent home, but I have a feeling these two might end up being buddies for life.


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