What These Students Are Doing With An Egg Definitely Isn’t A Cooking Hack

If you weren’t questioning your place in the world already, you probably will be when you see how these high school students just stepped into uncharted scientific territory with an egg and a plastic cup.

While we’re over here just doing our thing and getting by, these three students from Japan went ahead and hatched a chicken egg…without the actual egg.

As their teacher Mr. Tahara explained, “Through a clear container, we’ll be able to see everything from the first signs of life to the hatching.” They suspended a raw egg inside a clear cup with plastic wrap and placed it in an incubator, and in the end, they were left with an adorable little chick!

Their research has been published in scientific journals around the world, and the rest of us are worthless.

Look at that little nugget go!

 Look at that little nugget go!
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