Someone Forgot To Tell This Runaway Flower Girl That It Wasn’t Her Wedding Day

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, and they sometimes just drag on forever.

I understand that in many cases, this is the bride and groom’s happiest day ever, but it just seems like the entire spectacle takes hours before they read their vows. With that being said, I can completely relate to this spunky flower girl who’d simply had enough.

Little Chloe stole the show from her aunt and uncle by having a diva moment a la “Runaway Bride.” The tiny queen can be seen running away behind the happy couple. Embarrassed, Chloe’s mother then started chasing after her. Luckily, the reverend and the entire wedding party just laughed it off.

Watch the diva make her great escape in the video below!

I’m going to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks, so you best believe that if it goes on too long, I’ll be stealing this move out of Chloe’s playbook.


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