She’s Only 10 And Is Reporting The News From One Of The Most Dangerous Cities

What were your hopes and dreams as a 10-year-old kid?

I’ll venture a guess that they were to get that really cool toy for Christmas or become the king or queen of the playground. Personally, I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up,” but some people don’t discover their true callings until later in life.

Janna Jihad Ayyad is not one of those people.

She proclaims that she’s “the youngest journalist in Palestine,” and we’re inclined to believe her.


At just 10 years old, Janna has been reporting from the West Bank for nearly three years already…and she has no plans to stop.

Her hope is to give a voice to the voiceless.


The young reporter knows exactly what she wants to be when she’s older…a reporter.


We can only imagine the determined young woman will accomplish all her dreams and more!


We wish Janna the best of luck and hope that she stays safe so that she can attend Harvard like she’s been dreaming!

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