No One Even Noticed These Buildings At First, But Now They Can’t Look Away

Jul 29, 2016

Walk around any town or city long enough and you’re bound to see two things: dingy, run-down buildings and works of street art.

And these pieces can range from illegible graffiti to stunning murals. No matter what form they take, however, they work wonders when it comes to adding interest to otherwise boring facades.

But if you were to venture to France and wander around picturesque villages like Aurec-sur-Loire and Chamonix, you’d probably be a little baffled by the apparent absence of both…until you take a closer look.

When French street artist Patrick Commecy and his team from A Fresco get their hands on bare, boring facades, they totally transform them.

Buildings 1 Buildings 2 Buildings 3

At first glance, these murals don’t look like murals at all.

Buildings 4 Buildings 5 Buildings 6

Instead, they become part of the buildings themselves, serving as representations of what these structures could’ve been.

Buildings 7 Buildings 8 Buildings 9

You’d half expect to find hotel patrons leaning on these balconies and taking in the stunning views.

Buildings 10

Upon completion of each new mural, city streets take on new life.


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