My Sunshine – A Must Watch Chinese Drama For Girls

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He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (何以笙箫默 also known as Silent Separation) is a novel written by author, Gu Man has gained popularity among readers. Thus, it has been adapted for the production of drama “My Sunshine”. This drama has completely shown the liveliness of the novel that focuses on the college era romance. What makes it stands out from other college romance drama is a nice gender twist whereby a girl adorably and shamelessly pursues her senior and finally wins his heart. Besides that, the unchangeable love and care shown by He Yichen for Zhao MoSheng is another significant touching point in this story. He refuses to compromise by accepting other women to be his girlfriend except for Zhao Mosheng. After the airing of C-drama My Sunshine, He Yichen has become a dream man for every girl.

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Zhao MoSheng is a university student with a sunny disposition and has a positive personality. Upon their first meeting, she fell in love with He Yi Chen, one of the top students from the Law faculty. Through various incidents where Zhao Mosheng “stalked” He Yichen in campus, Zhao Mosheng’s cheerful personality and charming smile had successfully attracted Yichen’s attention, and they gradually became college sweethearts. When Yichen’s foster sister Yimei challenged Mosheng for Yichen’s attention, Mosheng turned directly to Yichen for clarification, but did not expect to receive a cold response from him. This caused Mosheng misunderstood that Yichen and Yimei are a couple, Mosheng’s heart was full of disappointment and she decided to follow her father’s arrangements moving to the United States to continue her studies.

My Sunshine

This separation took seven years for the star-crossed lovers to reunite. Seven years later, Zhao Mosheng – who is now a professional photographer – returns to China, and coincidentally bumps into the unforgettable He Yichen. Yichen reacts unfriendly towards Mosheng because he hates Mosheng left him for so many years. However, his hatred towards Mosheng does not last longer because he knows very well he loves this girl so much, he has been waiting patiently for her return since their separation.

My sunshine

On the other hand, Classmate Xiao Xiao who has never given up on her crush on Yichen; half-sister Yimei; Mosheng’s marriage in United States; the unrelentingly infatuated ex-husband Ying Hui; as well as the financial grudges between the couple’s fathers. All these situations continue to affect the two former lovers, but instead, these misunderstandings and challenges give them a better comprehension of the love they have missed over the past seven years.

My sunshine

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