Making Dessert Doesn’t Have To Mean Hours In A Kitchen. Here Are 20 Pieces Of Proof!

If only every meal began with dessert, the world would be a much better place.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like I do, then you know that dessert is where it’s at. It’s hard to say which is myone true weakness when faced with cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies. However, as much as I enjoy a good dessert, there aren’t too many occasions where one is served with a meal cooked in my home.

In most cases, with all the extensive prep for the main course, there is little to no time left to whip up an elaborate dessert. But not all delicious sweets require as much work as the main event. Here are 20 quick and easy recipes.

1. These no-bake Oreo bars will give traditional brownies a run for their money.

Dessert 1

2. Sushi isn’t just a main course anymore! Check out these candy sushi desserts.

3. This simple Nutella soufflé only requires two ingredients.

Dessert 2

4. Celebrate your next birthday with these birthday cake croissants.

Dessert 3

5. Forget the eggs and butter, this cookie dough recipe is 100 percent vegan.

Dessert 4

6. Chocolate chip cookie balls breathe new life into this dessert classic.

Dessert 5

7. Transform those extra cake mixes in your pantry into these awesome cookies.

Dessert 6

8. This recipe combines my two favorite things: cookies and brittle.

Dessert 7

9. Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are a delectable summer treat.

Dessert 8

10. Why go to the store to buy Lemonheads, when you can make your own?

11. This Oreo mug cake can be ready in five minutes or less.

Dessert 9

12. Always have chocolate mousse on hand with this easy recipe.

13. Candy cane truffles will add a simple eloquence to your holiday parties.

Dessert 10

14. Cool off with a refreshing mini cheesecake parfait.

Dessert 11

15. Who knew you could fry milk and transform it into this awesome dessert?

16. Combine PB&J with banana bread and you get this epic treat.

Dessert 12

17. Making crepes has never been easier.

Dessert 13

18. Whoever makes this salted caramel ice cream cake for me will win the key to my heart.

19. These pecan pie muffins go from kitchen to table in less than 30 minutes.

Dessert 14

20. Pumpkin butter pecan gingersnap rolls are the perfect treat for a chilly October day.

Dessert 15


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