This Makeup Artist Creates Stunning Designs By Using Her Lips As Blank Canvases

Listen. Even the most passionate lipstick lovers among us have a little trouble with the stuff sometimes.

Things can go from gorgeous to Miranda Sings in two seconds flat when you’re in a rush, and who has time to whip out a lip brush for every application? Answer: almost no one.

But even on the most stressful mornings, a good Instagram session is usually all it takes to revive that makeup motivation. When a Canadian cosmetic queen by the name of Andrea Reed — better known by her thousands of fans as Girl Grey Beauty — graces all of us with her lipstick artistry on social media, I can’t help but bring the ol’ lip brush out to play. Using a whole slew of beauty products, she turns her lips into miniature works of art.

lip1 lip2 lip3 lip4 lip5 lip6 lip7 lip8 lip9 lip10

“Lip art is so enjoyable to me because it’s such a challenge,” she writes. “To produce something that I’m proud of on such a small canvas is rewarding, and my followers seem to love it as well!”
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