Loser , a video for us to rethink before we do any action.

Jul 8, 2015
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There are two main characters in this video . the video is about people who bully their classmates or schoolmates and have no idea about it’s side effect .

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Screenshot (37)

one day they tease her to make themselves happy Screenshot (39) Screenshot (44)

and one day on a piece of paper they wrote negative words such as “Nerd”,”Ugly”and “Losser” and stick to her back .

Screenshot (45) Screenshot (46)

but they didn’t realize it might happen to them too . some people some where teasing their own siblings. one day …

Screenshot (56)

Screenshot (55)

some other group in the same school started teasing a little girl and she turned out to be ….

Screenshot (52)

Screenshot (49)

yes and guess what the adult girl who were bullied by her safe that rude girl’s sister and made her realize her mistake .

Screenshot (50)

what goes around comes back around guys ..becarfull!



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