Little Boy Takes His Disneyland Jedi Training A Little TOO Seriously

Feb 20, 2016

When you think about Disneyland, you probably imagine your little ones smiling and laughing, maybe even posing with Mickey Mouse or Snow White.

It’s a fun and exciting time for kids, a time when their favorite cartoon characters are magically brought to life. This all sounds great, but have you ever wondered what would happen if the magic turned out to be…a little too real?

We found this clip of one imaginative child trying his hand at Jedi fighting. The characters, dressed in their Start Wars costumes, all hold their light sabers, looking ready for their tiny volunteers.

However, the actors are not prepared for the battle that awaits them. One small, seemingly innocent fighter-in-training is brought on stage and instructed to “stand here!” by an authoritative voice. Darth Vader then strolls across the stage and nears our young warrior. Between the two opponents stands a man, a referee, to help instruct the boy on how to fight, but little does he know, he may be the one needing assistance.

The little boy jumps into action, disregarding all instruction from the other actors. The audience members look on as he bravely fights, swinging his sword widely through the air in a valiant attempt to bring down his nemesis. For him, this is no actor playing a part—this is the real deal.

At first it’s endearing, but it soon becomes obvious that this kid has no intention of stopping. Darth Vader walks away and the instructor is then accompanied by two Storm Troopers who arrive in an effort to subdue the child fighter. They too are quickly overtaken when the boy takes a swing at one of the Troopers and hits him right where it hurts, wincing in pain and shuffling off to the side of the stage.

The audience roars with laughter and the referee takes hold of the boy and escorts him off the stage before he can do any more damage!

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