After Learning That His Daughter Had Autism, He Made An Odd Discovery About Himself

Just after their daughter was born, Jessica and Chris Offer realized that she wasn’t “neurotypical,” which meant that their unique little girl had some quirks.

They do everything they can to make her happy and comfortable, but caring for her is way less overwhelming now that they know she has autism. While the little one’s diagnosis was big news in itself, they were totally stunned by what they figured out afterward.

Here’s what they learned, in Jessica’s words:

family 4family 5

With two of her four daughters now diagnosed with autism, along with her husband Chris, Jessica certainly has a unique home life. But in many ways, knowing the truth has brought them all closer together.

family 2

Mom and Dad love their girls so much, and now that Dad knows he has autism, he can better understand what his favorite ladies are going through.


“I’m still doing the same things that I’ve always done, but I’m doing them differently with a more conscious mind,” Chris explained.

“Autism didn’t change my husband. He’s never not been autistic, and it’s what makes him who he is,” Jessica wrote, “but his formative years would have been a lot less stressful for him if his autism had been recognized.” Together, the family now works to raise awareness about early signs of autism. Their goal is to help people live their best lives with all of the tools they need to make every day great.

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