Drama “Empresses in the Palace” is favored in Mipcom

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The movie was edited and produced with American first-class production team. Sun Media Group founder Wu Zheng, drama director Zheng Xiao Long, and Justin Lin, the most successful Chinese American film director in Hollywood who presented Fast and Furious, are co-genreral producers of the drama and TV movie. Zheng are also the general director.


Well-known drama producer Danielle Woodrew, who formerly was in charge of Fox drama department and who received five Emmy awards in 2012, are in the production team as well.


Based on the 76-episode drama in the original Chinese version, the six-episode TV movie and 13-episode American drama reproduced the TV music and retook the shots of the life in old age of the main character Zhen Huan, presented by Chinese popular TV star Sun Li.


Both the opening song and the ending song were created and edited by Benjamin Wallfisch, famous musician who has produced music for many Hollywood films. The opening song named “A New Day” was presented by Yo Hong Fei, Chinese soprano from China National Opera House, national first-level actress. The music video of “A New Day” was released in Mipcom; the ending song will be released a little later.


Empresses in the Palace will be first released in the pay-TV platforms in Comcast through In Demand and Time Warner, which cover 110 million users in North America. At the same time, many Asian main stream TV stations which have shown the Chinese version before look forward to the English drama and TV movie as well.


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