Dad Turns His 6-Month-Old Baby Into A Naughty Leprechaun For St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 18, 2016

Alan Lawrence decided to dress up his 6-month-old baby boy Rockwell as a Leprechaun. Allen then placed his little boy in various naughty scenarios before editing the photos later on. You can see the adorable pictures below!

6-month-old-son-leprechaun-1 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-2 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-3 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-4 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-5 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-6 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-7 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-8 6-month-old-son-leprechaun-9

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