Chocolate Cupcake Day Is The Best Day…Here Are 14 Recipes To Treat Yourself

Did you know there’s a whole day set aside to recognize chocolate cupcakes?

I didn’t, but I’m 100 percent onboard.

Sure, your run-of-the-mill chocolate cupcake can really hit the spot, but there are so, SO many more options. Different icings, fillings, and types of chocolate can all be used to create your perfect celebratory sweet treat, so here are 14 of the most memorable recipes I could find.

1. This recipe is a reliable classic.


2. Not only would I love to die with a chocolate cupcake in my mouth, but one with Guinness sounds extra sweet.


3. Devil’s food cake is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday.


4. My mouth is watering just looking at this sweet take on a campfire staple.


5. Chocolate cupcakes can be complimented by almost any icing. Give yours a fall spin with salted caramel buttercream.


6. These are made with Nutella — need we say more?


7. You can never have too much wine with your chocolate.


8. Ganache makes for an even richer chocolate confection.


9. Whether you love or hate white chocolate, I think we can all agree this cupcake looks beyond delicious.


10. Mint and chocolate are a natural pair. Add some mint chocolate chip ice cream and drown in the goodness.


11. These tiny German chocolate cakes are the perfect amount of sweet.


12. It would be insane not to include an amazing dark chocolate recipe.


13. Step aside tiny cups, this peanut butter cupcake is here to save the day.


14. Butterfinger (or almost any chocolate candy bar) can take your cupcake game to the next level.


I’m going to hunker down now and not come out of my kitchen until I have at least a few dozen chocolate cupcakes to share. Yum!


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