Caretaker Has His Hands Full While Feeding Five Adorable Kangaroo Babies At Once

Sep 17, 2016

When you think of Australia, you probably think of the Sydney Opera House, hot sandy beaches, and, of course, kangaroos!

Kangaroos are found all over Australia and baby kangaroos, known as joeys, spend most of their first year in their mothers’ pouches. It’s not until a joey is nine months old that it starts exploring without Mom’s help.

Up until the age of 18 months, however, they still like to crawl back into their pouches. This means that joeys are extremely reliant on their mothers, making life nearly impossible should anything happen to them. As a result, there are many orphaned joeys in the wild that aren’t getting the care they need. That’s where Anthony Matthews, an Australian wildlife rescuer, comes in.

Matthews and his wife, Theresa, run Our Haven Wildlife Shelter Inc. in Golden Beach on the southeast coast of Victoria. Over the years, they’ve rescued hundreds of injured and orphaned joeys, which means that they’ve also spent a lot of time feeding them.

How cute! He’s like a kangaroo whisperer!

Currently, these rescuers are looking after 27 eastern grey kangaroo joeys, two swamp wallabies, and a wombat.


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