When Her Baby Got Stuck On A Fence, This Mother Koala Raced Over To Save The Day

A funny thing happens when mothers hear their little ones crying.

I remember when I was a kid, I fell off a chair and sarted wailing. I was a dramatic child, but to be fair, I somehow ended up breaking my arm by falling off that chair. (Please, hold your applause.)

My mom ran in faster than I thought humanly possible. She did it then and every single time thereafter. I’m 25, and when I start wailing in a different way (usually about money and responsibilities that I don’t want), she does it now. I never thought that this would be a thing that I’d ever actually say, but my mother has a lot in common with this koala mama aside from being little and adorable.

When her baby cried out after getting stuck on top of a fence, she came running.

Moms really are special. This one is no different.


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