All This Guy Had To Do To Become BFFs With Celebs Is Dress Up Like A Dinosaur

Before we get into this, let me just tell you that becoming best friends with Rihanna is basically my ultimate life goal.

And judging by these photos, this guy is officially living my dream. Lorenz Valentino’s Instagram page is filled to the brim with photos of him hanging out with the biggest celebrities in the world…all while wearing a dinosaur onesie. He is a hero.

Although this can all be chalked up to clever editing, he gets way closer to chilling with the likes of Gigi Hadid, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian than we ever will.

Here he is at Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday party because I’m positive he received a legit invitation.


He’s really invested in helping the Beckhams look their best.

Dinosaur 10

I’d definitely trust him with a tattoo gun except not at all.

Dinosaur 9

Honestly, Valentino isn’t the weirdest one there.

Dinosaur 8

She probably invited him on tour after this.

Dinosaur 7

Nothing says “fun, sexy advice” quite like a bearded man in a dinosaur outfit.

Dinosaur 6

Gigi Hadid’s bone structure has NOTHING on Valentino’s dino realness.

Dinosaur 5

Leave singing to professional singers? Nah.

Dinosaur 4

If you need me, I’ll be sighing wistfully from now until the end of time.

Dinosaur 3

“Hey, Mark! This is cool but also screw your latest algorithm on every level!”

Dinosaur 2

This guy is amazing! His photoshop skills are excellent too!!


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