A Small Town with One Occupant is an Granny, Can You Believe it?

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This is the town of Monowi and only one citizen living here. Here the number indicates the population.



Before this, there are two people in this small town, Elsie Eiler (77 years old) and her husband, but later her husband passed away, leaving her alone in this town.


In the 1920s, the town was occupied by 150 people, then people left gradually, one by one, leaving this granny stationed in this place alone. This is the photo of the old town previously.



Although there is only one person here, the town’s facilities is sufficient. Because her husband love reading very much during his lifetime, and also collected many books, therefore the granny built a library for her husband.


There are about 5000 books in this library which is like this.



Meanwhile the granny also operates a tavern.



Guests are old customers coming from the nearby towns.



She also has a small account book which is for recording customers and revenue.



Many people ask her whether she will feel lonely for living in this town alone. And this granny said: ‘ I am busy for business everyday, I cook for customers, how can I feel lonely? the business is really busy ’.



However, as the librarian, pub curator and mayor, she do feel a little upset when the census is made.



But the granny is very positive, she said she does not want to leave her hometown, and living alone here also have many benefits. Because she is the mayor in this town, so she can appoint positions freely, and she may feel free to add some town infrastructures.

She hopes this small town can improve and the people in nearby towns could come and meet up with each other frequently.


In my heart I believe that the granny is happy and I admired her very much. It is because of her husband, her true love, she insisted on staying and it brings her peace. Let us hope the granny and this little town of Monowi will be better and better!! What do you think?



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