400 Students Surprise Their Teacher Battling Cancer By Singing Outside His Home

A lesson on love and compassion isn’t normally something you’d expect to get from high school students.

But that’s exactly what we got when a group of more than 400 students from Nashville’s Christ Presbyterian Academy. They showed up outside the home of their cancer-stricken teacher to sing songs of worship after his illness prevented him from traveling to school to do what he loves.

Ben Ellis, who teaches latin and Bible studies at the academy, is currently battling an aggressive form of cancer. When his kids heard he was having a tough time being away from the classroom, the entire student body and faculty drove to his house to worship with their teacher. It’s an incredible show of compassion that will have you reaching for the tissues.

What an incredibly emotional moment.

I can only begin to imagine how much that meant to Mr. Ellis. He’s clearly touched hundreds of lives with his teaching and now his students have touched millions more with their show of gratitude.


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