16 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Short Girls

Short girls have it tough!


2. Having to jog just to keep up short-girl-struggles-2

3. When you can really only shop at three stores… short-girl-struggles-3

4. When shirts aren’t any easier to findshort-girl-struggles-4

5. Laundry takes twice the effort for half the amount of clothes… short-girl-struggles-5

6. short-girl-struggles-6

7. When your boyfriend has to crouch over to kiss you short-girl-struggles-7

8. When the stuff you need is on the third shelf short-girl-struggles-8


10. When people feel the need to use you as an armrest short-girl-struggles-10

11. short-girl-struggles-11

12. short-girl-struggles-12

13. short-girl-struggles-13

14. When you have to jump to put on your makeup short-girl-struggles-14

15. short-girl-struggles-15

16. When you can’t have tall friends… short-girl-struggles-16

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