10 Hilarious Costumes That Would Be Perfect For Your Pets This Halloween

Oct 17, 2016

Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween is putting together an awesome costume and showing it off to the world.

But if you have pets, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding things for them to wear is an even better experience because they end up looking so hilariously cute. Sure, it’s mostly for our entertainment, but I’m pretty positive that they love the extra attention.

If you’re in the market for a new pet costume and just can’t decide how to dress your furry friend, here’s a list that’s chock-full of preciousness to help get you started.

1. Move over, Beanie Babies — this guy is much cuter.


2. Turn your kitty into the glorious creature he was always meant to be with this lion mane.


3. Or just make your cat super jealous by getting one for your dog instead.


4. This is the most adorable spider I’ve ever seen.


5.She can’t wait for the Halloween feast at Dogwarts.


6. Who doesn’t love a good dogtini on Halloween?


7. If you have a tortoise and love playing all of the “Mario Brothers” games, there’s really no better way to go.


8. I had no idea that dragons actually existed.


9. Oh my, what big ears your grandma has!


10. “It’s time to walk the plank right meow.”


Is anyone else having a lot of trouble picking just one of these? They’re all so awesome that my pets will probably end up with at least five costumes each.


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